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BPEC are a provider of specialist industry recognised qualifications in the plumbing, renewable energy, gas and electrical training sector. Colleges, training centres, employers and learners utilise the training courses and learning manuals produced by BPEC and many of the courses within this sector use the manuals and workbooks for their students on a daily basis. It had become almost unmanageable for BPEC to manage both the volume of the products that were being held and the quality of the stock records, which was causing time consuming manual administration. BPEC found that large numbers of stock were being ordered to hit a particular price point, but the realistic usage wasn’t in line with what had been ordered.

Many of the manual design’s had become outdated, due to stock sitting with BPEC for long periods of time. Our brief was simple. We were asked if we could help make the process easier and help with the large amount of money that was sitting held up with stock. BPEC asked us to streamline the process and bring all of the learning material’s designs bang up to date.


The only way to tackle this challenge was to listen and make note. Our team spent a lot of time working together with BPEC to understand each and every frustration they were facing and in doing so, we were able to highlight some core issues that had not been considered. Holding such large volumes of training material meant that any changes to the course, however minor, would lead to a plethora of perfectly good stock being written off.

To kick start our plan, we updated all of the artwork across the whole suite of manuals. This included a new finishing process for each manual which resulted in a slick set of refreshed branded manuals across BPEC’s full learning material offering. During our consultation, we explored ways in which we could stock the manuals across different ranges rather than stand alone units so that we could provide effective scale that reduced the annual spend significantly. We didn’t have any previous usage information to review, so we created some assumptions that would allow for monthly level of stock to be held with a back-up of a 48 hour turnaround if any exceptional order requests for made.

Our primary focus was to make the transition to our new system as seamless as possible so we liaised direct with their incumbent supplier and moved all of their stock into our 27,000 sq ft warehouse. Our team counted all stock and reported these figures back to BPEC in preparation for the first stock orders to be called off. Our ‘first in first out’ stock management process was ideal to ensure the older manuals were dispatched first, therefore making use of stock that was already paid for.


Our work for BPEC was monitored across the first few months to gather a better understanding of usage patterns. At the end of our first year working with them, BPEC had made significant progress in reducing the physical cost of manuals to the business, and team resource costs were reduced in comparison to their previous way of working. Their training manuals are all now consistently on brand, stock levels are managed to a fine margin, maximising both on demand production and economies of scale and stock usage is reported on each month.

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