Product Packaging

Product packaging services to create a lasting impression.

Transform your customer experience with custom packaging that delights.

What does your product packaging look like? How does it feel? What colour is it? Is your packaging environmentally friendly? Is it on brand? These are all questions you should consider as you begin to re-evaluate whether your packaging is up to scratch. Beautifully coloured or printed tissue paper protects the product and is the final unveiling before your customer gets to see their item. If you have a new range of products you want to upsell in coming months you could include a branded promotional leaflet or flyer to get your customer’s mind going. Or include useful Care Instructions for your product. Or simply a Thank You note. Finally, you can seal the deal with a branded sticker to keep all your product packaging in tack and add that final finishing touch.

Our printed packaging services cater for all requirements, from branded and personalised packaging, through to luxury retail packaging.

We like to refer to packaging in its entirety and we call this the ‘unboxing experience’.

Product packaging is an important part of the customer experience. When a retailer takes extra effort to package their products well, it positively resonates with customers. We all know the excitement of waiting for a parcel to be delivered so we can try on that gorgeous dress, only to be disappointed when a battered cardboard box turns up, with a tatty plastic bag inside, creased receipt and a wrinkly dress spilling out. The unboxing experience is fundamental for online retailers because it leaves customers with a strong lasting impression and you’re more likely to notice a repeat customer if your returns experience is easy and efficient.

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